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Your Questions About Foreclosures

Your Questions About Foreclosures

Mandy asks…

Who would win in these winner take all celebrity cat fights (Round 2) Pics included?

Once again, these are no hold barred, down and dirty cat fights. The winner can do whatever she likes to the loser.

In the last round Demi Moore lost to Jennifer Aniston and Kate Hudson lost to Sarah Michelle Gellar. Both of these beauties have been eliminated.

Here is the new line up:

1. Sarah Michelle Gellar vs Jennifer Aniston

2. Mariah Carey vs Leann Rimes rematch as the first was a split decision

3. Vanessa Hudgens vs Crystal Milana (rematch) 1st was a spilt decision

4. Brenda Song vs. Ashley Tisdale (rematch) 1st was a spilt decision

And I was asked to add this match. I was reluctant at first but decided to include it because I think it would be the most intense of all the matches.

5. Halle Berry vs Jana Cova

Your Questions About Foreclosures

The Expert answers:

1) SMG – JA just isnt a figher…i’m putting my money on smg making it to the final, odds on favourite…lol

2) looked at the pics again, its gotta be mariah…leann just looks lost..

3) i’m telling u, vanessa’s got this one in the bag…crystal would be too worried about breaking a nail…

4) based on the programme, ashleys got this one…brenda cant take the hits..

5) halle looks ready to kill there…she’s got the upper hand cos she’s prolly still got jame’s bond gadgets in her handbag…lol

Your Questions About Foreclosures

David asks…

Who Were The Greatest Actors(pick 10)?

1-John Wayne
2-Steve McQueen
3-Yul Brenner
4-Gregory Peck
5-Jimmy Stewart
6-Al Pacino
7-Rock Hudson
8-Paul Newman
9-Jack Lord
10-Roger Moore

Your Questions About Foreclosures

The Expert answers:

You definitely need to include Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Jack Nicholson, Forrest Whitaker, Sean Penn, and i think Robin Williams is one of the best as well. Anyone agree?

Your Questions About Foreclosures

Ruth asks…

who is the sexiest woman on Planet Earth?

1. Angelina Jolie
2. Jennifer Garner
3. Paris Hilton
4. Charlize Theron
5. Halle Berry
6. Alyssa Milano
7. Teri Hatcher
8. Pamela Anderson
9. Scarlett Johansson
10. Lindsay Lohan
11. Keira Knightley
12. Salma Hayek
13. Cameron Diaz
14. Leeann Tweeden
15. Mariah Carey
16. Jessica Simpson
17. Beyoncé Knowles
18. Carmen Electra
19. Maria Sharapova
20. Jennifer Love Hewitt
21. Jessica Biel
22. Jessica Alba
23. Brooke Burke
24. Jenna Jameson
25. Heidi Klum
26. Vida Guerra
27. Christina Aguilera
28. Kristin Kreuk
29. Faith Hill
30. Gwen Stefani
31. Jennifer Lopez
32. The Olsen Twins
33. Shania Twain
34. Beth Ostrosky
35. Mandy Moore
36. Josie Maran
37. Janet Jackson
38. Eva Longoria
39. Adriana Lima
40. Reese Witherspoon
41. Jennifer Aniston
42. Jamie-Lynn DiScala
43. Tara Reid
44. Maggie Grace
45. Elizabeth Hurley
46. Eliza Dushku
47. Kate Hudson
48. Anna Benson
49. Natalie Portman
50. LeAnn Rimes
51. Penelope Cruz

Your Questions About Foreclosures

The Expert answers:

Maggie Thatcher

Your Questions About Foreclosures

Laura asks…

Who remembers these old shows?

1. Dark Shadows – Vampires, Barnabus was the name of one of the characters
2. McMillian and Wife – Rock Hudson & Susan St. James
3. The Persuaders – Tony Curtis & Roger Moore
4. Circle of Fear – Kind of like twilight zone, more modern.
5. Benny Hill – English comedy
6. Petticoat Junction
7. Rockford Files – James Garner
Circle of Fear was in the early 1980’s. It was a different show each week, always something weird, like one where a woman opened a box with a carousel horse in it and it started growing and growing and came after her, something like that.

Your Questions About Foreclosures

The Expert answers:

Hey! I remember them all and then some! They’re not THAT old!!!!!!

Your Questions About Foreclosures

Jenny asks…

Who is a better actress (acting skills) from this list ?

You can also include your own choice. This poll is not about looks, But about acting skills. Also tell me your favorite movie of theirs. Thx.

1. Meryl Streep
2. Jodie Foster
3. Charlize Theron
4. Kate Hudson
5. Reese Witherspoon
6. Cate Blanchett
7. Julianne Moore
8. Sandra Bullock
9. Sigourney Weaver
10. Susan Sarandon
11. Jessica Lange
12. Kate Winslet
13. Michelle Pfeiffer
14. Helena Bonham Carter
15. Helen Hunt
16. Faye Dunaway
17. Julia Roberts

Your Questions About Foreclosures

The Expert answers:

Charlize Theron is a really good actress.

Meryl Streep – Goofy roles

Jodie Foster – Lesbo roles

Kate Hudson – Air Head roles

Reese Witherspoon – Blonde roles

Cate Blanchett – Mother roles

Julianne Moore – Dim wit roles

Sandra Bullock – nerdy roles

Sigourney Weaver – Sour roles

Susan Sarandon – Wise roles

Jessica Lange – Milf roles

Kate Winslet – Rich girl roles

Michelle Pfeiffer – Drunk roles

Helena Bonham Carter – Space case roles

Helen Hunt – Stiff roles

Faye Dunaway – classic roles

Julia Roberts – Shallow roles

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Your Questions About Foreclosures
Your Questions About Foreclosures
Your Questions About Foreclosures
Your Questions About Foreclosures
Your Questions About Foreclosures

Your Questions About Foreclosures

Your Questions About Foreclosures