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Your Questions About Foreclosures

Your Questions About Foreclosures

John asks…

Groups urge better census count of African-Americans in 2010?

Washington (CNN) — Civil rights leaders Wednesday lobbied Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and top Census Bureau officials to press for a better count of African-Americans in the 2010 census.

The U.S. government already plans a nearly $200 million advertising campaign aimed at getting people to respond to the census, which is used to set congressional and legislative districts and allocate federal funds. But National Urban League President Marc Morial said more needs to be done to make sure underrepresented communities are included.

“My takeaway from the meeting is that the secretary listened intently and took our concerns very seriously,” Morial told reporters after the meeting. But he added, “We still feel there are important, significant steps that need to be taken to ensure that there is a complete count in the 2010 census.”

Benjamin Jealous, president of the NAACP, said the 2000 census undercounted African-Americans by nearly 3 percent. He said the Census Bureau needs to hire more black managers and subcontractors so “the firms that know these communities best are calling the shots.”

African-Americans make up a large proportion of what census workers call “hard-to-count” groups, which also include other ethnic minorities and immigrants, children and poor people, said Corrine Yu, senior counsel and managing policy director for the Leadership Council on Civil Rights. In addition, many of those communities show a “general distrust of government” that has hindered participation, she said.

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U.S. Census Bureau
Studies conducted since the 1940s show those demographics “are all likely to respond to the census quest at lower rates,” Yu said.

Complicating things further this year are the lingering effects of Hurricane Katrina, which displaced hundreds of thousands of people in the Gulf Coast states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Four years after the 2005 storm, the area still has large numbers of people in temporary housing and a high rate of vacant homes, according to an August report by the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights.

The report found the Census Bureau plans to hand-deliver questionnaires in some of the hardest-hit parts of the Gulf Coast and launch an extensive ad campaign to get people in the stricken areas to take part in the count.

The avalanche of foreclosures over the past two years also is likely to make hard-to-count populations more difficult to tally as well, because many people in those groups have been forced to move, Yu said.

“We don’t know exactly how this is going to work, because this is a unique circumstance,” she said. “But that kind of displacement, whether it’s natural disaster like Katrina or a man-made disaster like the foreclosure crisis, will be a new challenge for the 2010 census.”

The delegation that met with Locke also included Rep. Barbara Lee, D-California, the head of the Congressional Black Caucus; and two of the most visible U.S. civil rights activists, the Revs. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, both of whom have made Democratic presidential bids.

Morial said the group also asked that prison inmates be included in counts of their hometowns, not where they are held. He said that with about 1.3 million African-Americans in prison out of a total black population of about 40 million, “What we have in the prison population issue is a built-in undercount.”

Jackson said the delegation did not receive any commitment from Locke on that issue, which he said might need to be addressed by the Justice Department or Congress.

Yu said that issue was unlikely to be resolved in time for 2010, but was “an important issue for consideration for the 2020 census.”

Your Questions About Foreclosures

The Expert answers:

Thanks for this info. I tried to suggest in my answer to another question that we are under-represented in count. My data was not as robust as yours, so i appreciate your putting this out there.

Your Questions About Foreclosures

Susan asks…

Is this what Obama means by “change”?

1. He voted against the capping of credit card interest at 30% (because, he said later) he wanted the cap to be lower. But voting against the cap made the sky rather than 30% the limit. Only idiots will fall for such rhetoric. I believe McCain supported the bill. Hillary supported the bill as well.

2. He voted for the Bush-Cheney energy bill that was stoked with major pay-offs, perks and goodies for the oil companies, and did nothing for consumer. McCain opposed the bill. Hillary also opposed it.

3. He voted for the FISA spy bill. (Hillary voted against it.) Starting to get the picture, neophyte liberal fools?

4. He voted for the bailout of Wall Street, which had nothing to do with saving the economy and everything to do with a massive transfer of public wealth from the majority, working-class citizens to the speculators on Wall Street largely responsible for their misery and home loss. Mind you, he supported and voted for the single largest legislative transfer of public funds to private interests in the history of the country. How is that “change we can believe in?” That’s change RHETORIC he can DECEIVE in.

5. He is the second largest recipient of funds from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

6. He has no coherent plan to address the economic crisis. He has no plans to rescue the actual homeowners facing foreclosure and bankruptcy. Instead, he only has plans for the rescue of the financial elite, the very parasites that preyed on American homeowners in the first place, and whose money will actually save these scoundrels.

7. He supports the reinstatement of the draft. Recent statements make this very clear

8. He will increase military spending.

9. He caved to nuclear power when crafting a bill to protect people in IL from radiation.

10. He never stands his ground. In fact, he has no ground. He abdicates before you can say “boo!” He’s easily frightened.

Obama is not the lesser of two evils. He may actually be worse because he will lull people to sleep, esp. liberals who think that he represents their interests….He in no way represents their interests–that is, unless they work on Wall Street or are corporate stock-holders or CEOs. That’s Obama’s true constituency, not the “people.” Never has a fraud been so pulled over on the American public. Here’s a guy who says one thing and does quite the reverse, every single time. But the liberals who love him just care about the SOUNDS that he makes, rather than ACTION that he takes. The latter is all bad.

The bailout had NOTHING to do with saving the actual economy and everything to do with covering the gambling losses of the very financial parasites that caused the crisis and cost millions of Americans their homes. THAT IS NOT “CHANGE”–that’s more of the status quo, and in fact, WORSE than the status quo–it’s the largest transfer of public funds to private hands in the HISTORY OF OUR NATION. Only complete FOOLS think that this helps the economy or the people effected by it. This helps the financial sectors and the worst elements of it, nothing more. Obama OWES THESE PEOPLE. That’s why he supported and voted for the bailout. His support of the bailout IS HIS BAILOUT from “change.”–as if he actually ever intended it.

As for 7 and 8, it’s all over the news. Find the facts for yourself. Obama said he would increase military spending and has made NUMEROUS statements about having the military come from all of the people–i.e., a draft. Mark my words, NEOPHYTES. You are inexperienced!
Finally, the point is not that McCain also voted for the bailout—but rather that Obama is supposedly the change candidate, and yet he supports more, much more, of the same. He’s a complete hypocrite and yes, I will NOT vote for the fraud.
Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are the biggest reason for the mortgage credit crisis, that’s why this incriminates Obama.
Here’s proof of his plans to increase military spending:

Your Questions About Foreclosures

The Expert answers:

3. Wow…really? I would like to research this.

4. McCain voted for it as well. I’m sure its better to go face this head on than going into a second depression.

5. And that incriminates because…

6. I can agree. Still, neither does McCain. And hell, do I doubt the other minority candidates have any plans.

7, 8, Proof?

Obama has more leadership qualities I believe. You know, a president isn’t really someone who knows everything, but one who can lead. I also trust Obama will surround himself with good people, who DO know what is better, and with that, he will lead the country.

Mind you, I’m a conservative :D.

Your Questions About Foreclosures

Ken asks…

I guess the good feelings at the end of the election cycle are all used up, back to reality eh’?

between 5 and 7 million homes will go into foreclosure in the next 24 to 36 months…let’s do the math …
7million devided by 36 equals 194,444 monthly.

so while we bailed out those money humping bastards on wall street, nearly 200k families will loose their piece of the rock every month for the next three years, and that’s only a guesstimate.. because I can find numbers that suggest a much higher rate of foreclosure if you factor in paper being held by owners and rent to owns…

At the end of the day.. what will change, ? will we address the bleeding from the bottom up as was so heavily drummed into our heads and hearts for the last two years, or will the money continue it’s redistribution …..upwards ?

right wingers are so funny.. Fannie and Freddie were equally generous with Republicans, Barney Frank sat with an entire congress, and while I’m at it let me remind you, the Fhuerer Bush could have vetoed, …he didn’t and the partisan interaction on this was complete, it’s not a Liberal thing you morons, it’s a money thing. Not one of you is in the tax bracket that benefits from any of this and yet you continue to preach partisan ignorance.. I would submit it’s from both parties that this ranker comes from, but the right is so doggedly entrenched they can’t even think around a subject… there was nothing partisan about my question and I’m a raging progressive, but obviously you all missed that because… I kept it open ended, something the right seems completely incapable of

Your Questions About Foreclosures

The Expert answers:

Aren’t we US taxpayers the most generous people on the planet? Not only do we fund a war to bring “democracy” to the middle east, we “bail out” corporate executives backsides who are not accountable to anyone but Wall Street while the right continues to point fingers everywhere but at themselves and their “fiscal responsibility,” you know, that Republican congress that got us into this mess in the first place?

My good feelings lasted about 20 minutes…anybody know what time the Revolution is? If I’m still awake and alive, I don’t want to miss it.

Your Questions About Foreclosures

Chris asks…

Listing suddenly taken off MLS (no transition to option period, no record of sale)…what gives?

I made an offer on a foreclosure that just yesterday was listed as active at HAR.COM. >>I bid $1000 OVER the asking price<< and came pre-approved (IE brought all the was NOT a low-ball offer).

However, today I checked at HAR.COM and the property was GONE. And, no…I did not receive an offer accepted/rejected letter. Plus (the appraisal district) still has the title in the same bank’s name!

Every other property I’ve seen on that site (which is directly linked to the MLS database) goes to sold status and can be found by looking up the home’s full address.
Any idea what happened and/or if there may be foul play at hand and, perhaps, I should hire a real-estate lawyer?
BTW, the sellers agent did say they got my offer. Side question, should I fire my agent for being too slow and get a new one for the next home? I’ve had the papers ready for about a week sent to my agent and ready to send to them.

Your Questions About Foreclosures

The Expert answers:

This happens all the time, and there is no ‘foul play’ involved. Someone else beat you to the punch with an offer which was accepted by the selling lender. Properties don’t come off of active status until there is an actual accepted offer. The lender very well could have made a decision on another offer before you even wrote an offer. You were just not a quick as the guy who got the accepted offer. The property may be gone from the MLS because the lender wants no further action on the part of the listing broker. Simple as that.

And of course the home is still in the bank’s name. THAT won’t change until closing has occurred, and closing could well be a month away from now.

Your Questions About Foreclosures

Jenny asks…

real estate plus probate plus deed question?

I was interested in a foreclosed on home. The home was to be auctioned on March 8th and the house was removed from the auction schedule on March 2nd. I paid a lawyer to research the title and he found out this information.
The parents owned the house and paid the mortgage. Their will gave the house to multiple beneficiaries. Then the mother died. The father then supposedly, told to me by the probate office, that he left the house to a sole beneficiary.
Then the man died in Oct. 2008. The person who was his executor was also the sole beneficiary of the house. This person was foreclosed on in Nov. 2009 as were all the heirs to the house when the parents will was intact. In Feb. 2010, the executor put the house in their name. The lawyer says this deed is no good because there were multiple heirs. The father did not have a will naming the sole beneficiary he had no will. This person avoided the foreclosure some how. Maybe they got financing but the lawyer says, no one would loan them money because a loan would require a title search and a search would make it known that their are multiple heirs to the house, not the sole person who put it in their name in early Feb. 2010. The lawyer will to find out why the auction was pulled. This lone person may have come to some terms to correct the foreclosure and begin making payments. The lawyer said, yes, this could be what happened but the deed in that person’s name is still not legal and is worthless as the house is owned by multiple parties. The others ran for the hills when the foreclosure papers were served and very few was able to be served though their addresses were located. So, maybe this person has slipped through the crack and got around the foreclosure by making payment arrangements with the bank who foreclosed, and since they are getting their money, the really care less that the person possesses a non valid title.
1. If they move out of state in the future and want to sell the house, they won’t be able to because the deed is not valid. Right?
2. Who should be informed about this invalid deed?
I’ll still accept comments and ideas on this.

But, I just called the probate office. The deed will stay as is, even if invalid, until an individual petitions the court to challenge the validity of the deed. This leaves me out, I think. It also likely leaves out the other beneficiaries of the house because they surely want no part of the foreclosure and their share of the debt.
I wanted to buy the house at the foreclosure auction and it looks like fraud has been used to avoid the foreclosure. My title search lawyer said there was no will leaving the house to a sole child. The will for both parents left the house to multiple persons. And the will showing the father leaving the house to a sole person never existed.
what do you mean by:
T/E wros
Father’s interest passes to his heir ‘s/executor again subject to the mortgage.

my lawyer said the father could not give the house to his sole daughter because he had no will. However, there is a will in the probate office saying Dad left the house to sole daughter the current occupant.
any way to get this house back on the foreclosure docket?
the lawyer said the father’s will is phony, that is why Wells Fargo foreclosed on about 6 people, they all own the house and the will of her father’s is a fraud, and she could not have put the house in her name (but she did) because she is not the only person to inherit the house. Probate told me an invalid deed stays invalid (as in it seems no one cares) until someone challenges it’s validity.

Your Questions About Foreclosures

The Expert answers:


If M&F who died held title as T/E wros, the father’s heirs own the property subject to the outstanding mortgage. Mother’s interest passed to father on her death as t/e with survivorship. Father’s interest passes to his heir ‘s/executor again subject to the mortgage.

No one cares about the invalid deed. THey are recorded all the time. No one will take title unless there is a deed out of all the heirs or a quiet title/partition suit and the mortgage paid off.

RUN; don’t walk away

again. Your edit says there is a will at probate leaving the property to the daughter. It’s subject to the mortgage

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Your Questions About Foreclosures
Your Questions About Foreclosures
Your Questions About Foreclosures
Your Questions About Foreclosures
Your Questions About Foreclosures

Your Questions About Foreclosures

Your Questions About Foreclosures