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5 Tips for buying a foreclosed home

Before buying a foreclosed home, you need to consider a few things as a precautionary measure.

Foreclosed properties can be viewed as great opportunities for people who are looking out for a good deal on a house, considering that lenders usually price a house really low in order to get it off their hands as quickly as possible. However, what you have to understand here is that foreclosed sales considerably differ from regular house shopping. Here’s what you really need to keep an eye out for.

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1. Buying a house ‘As-Is’ – It is important for you as a buyer to know what condition the previous owners have left the house in. Sometimes homeowners leave the place bare of all necessities, including any fixtures, door knobs, or even wiring. The lender most likely will not focus on any repairs and will sell the property as-is, but for a considerably low amount.

What you need to calculate and compare here is the cost of repairs versus the price offered and then see whether it would be worth the financial and physical trouble to fix it.

2. Know what you are getting into – Regular home sales mostly require relevant disclosure about the property from the owners, especially if the property is infested with termites or has an unstable foundation. However, a lender has no such obligation towards you, which is why if you decide to invest in a foreclosed home, get ready for some surprises.

3. Make sure the offer isn’t too low – When a lender puts a foreclosed property up for sale at a high discount, you may be tempted to push forward for a much lower offer. Despite the overwhelming list of foreclosed houses, banks might reject your price for the house as it may not be willing to suffer deeper losses on its already failed investment. It might prefer to bide its time until housing costs rise.

One way to turn local foreclosures in your favor is to research on prices that have been tagged on houses recently sold by lenders (also known as real-estate owned or REO sales) to aid you in rightly pricing the property.

4. Prepare to wait it out – Since most lenders are either large banks or financial institutions, the process of buying a foreclosed home is most likely to stretch on for weeks before you hear from the seller. This is mostly due to a lot of legal paperwork involved and level of bureaucracy a decision has to pass through.

5. Difference in sales pitch – Since banks involve real-estate agents who have a volley of foreclosed properties to show and sell, there may be a lack of attention or plain flatness in their sales pitch. If you have less time on your hands while seeing a house and you are unsure of your capability to assess the state of these houses by yourself, it is advisable to tag along a good building inspector who will be able to give you a fair idea about the state of the property. Most times, banks have their own contracts that shield them from any liabilities after the sale has occurred.


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Profiting from Foreclosure Auctions

When a homeowner becomes delinquent on their mortgage payments the lender begins the lengthy foreclosure process. If no attempts are made to reconcile the debt with the lender, then the property is auctioned off at the public courthouse. A single foreclosed property purchased at an auction can easily earn an investor a years worth of investment income. Right now is perhaps the best time in the history of real estate to invest in foreclosures with a record number of foreclosures reported last year. There are plenty of deals available to the general public but the trick is knowing how to find them

Despite what infomercials on television might tell you, investing in foreclosed homes is not as easy as just walking over to the courthouse. There is a lot of homework that needs to be done before a foreclosed home is purchased at auction. The key to successful investing, especially in real estate, is research. What you know can make all of the difference. If you want to be successful with foreclosures you have to be willing to spend some time doing some research

The internet has made performing research of any kind very easy. While researching a foreclosure online you can easily come across all kinds of valuable information. If you are going to be bidding on a property you need to know what the market value of the home is, and there are a number of free online services that allow you to research the market value of a house for free. However, in order to obtain the most reliable data on market values you will need to join a real estate membership site. A membership site will allow you to obtain up-to-date real estate information and foreclosures at a nominal fee.

Foreclosures have a tendency to be in a state of disrepair by the time they reach the auction block. Only a tiny fraction of foreclosed homes that reach the auction block are in move in condition. This means you need to be prepared to estimate renovation costs to the foreclosed property you are looking at. Unfortunately, many states prohibit you to enter a foreclosed home until after the auction is over. If you live in such a state you should consider speaking with a realtor in your area. Chances are a realtor will know someone who was involved in the foreclosure.

With a little research and patience you can easily find foreclosure deals at auction. But if you really want to make a profit with foreclosures you should consider investing in a foreclosure list service. Such a service will provide you with foreclosure deals as they come available and before they reach the auction block. The earlier you buy the property the better.

Property Foreclosure: An Ideal Investment

When a person buys a home, he/she usually has to take a loan. The lenders, generally banks, keep the title to home collateral in this case. The ownership of the home is transferred to the lender when the person is unable to pay the dues and installments in time. This transfer of ownership to lender is called Foreclosure. Buying foreclosure has been compared to playing poker. As an investment, it has its own risks.

The lenders first determine if there are any junior liens as well. When they find any pending loans etc, they pay everything off so that they themselves have clear title to the property. Once this is done, the lender adds up all costs to the loan amount to be recovered, and then again resells the property so that they can recover the expenses and loan amount. This is an ideal time for investors to buy such property. Buying a property that has been foreclosed has many gains.

Benefits of acquiring foreclosed property from lenders:

The first and most prominent benefit is the fact that all properties bought from lenders will have clear titles and ownership rights, thereby saving you the trouble of doing any research.

Next is the fact that foreclosure is not for profit booking. When the lenders sell foreclosed property they want their money back, so they are ready to sell the property cheaper than what it could have fetched in open market under normal conditions.

How to buy foreclosed property:

The first step is to collect information. The best idea is to make a database specifically so that you will have separate data on all the properties and markets in clear sets. In addition, that way you will be aware of any specific laws that you may need to abide by while making an investment. The next step is to directly contact the foreclosure owners and start negotiating with them. If you have the address of property but not the name, online directories may help you find the relevant names.

As a beginner, buying foreclosure property on your own can be risky. Try to get help from an agent if you are trying to buy such property. They have all the required knowledge.

Risks involved:

One risk is when buying foreclosed property at auction, sometimes they give just a week to deposit all the cash, and if you fail to do so, you may lose all your deposit. As you keep on investing and making money, you will gain experience about bad construction, poor soils, problems with septic systems etc. Background reading and relevant information is extremely important before you get into foreclosure investing. Foreclosure laws in your state, priority of liens, bidding at auctions, title insurance, and bankruptcy are some key areas where you should gain full knowledge. That way you will be able to make better and safer investments.

Property investment is not an easy game, and must be played only with caution and care. Some compassion for the person whose property is up for foreclosure is also essential.